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Using the past as a 

guide for designing a sustainable future...

Meet Pamela


Head Designer, Pamela Peterson, brings a modern, upcycled edge to classic, elegant fashion. Impassioned with the idea that “The most sustainable closet is the one we already own”, Pamela has mastered the art of reviving past collections of all seasons to fit the latest styles.  Her expertise and environmental conventions are dynamically clear through each unique piece she creates; staying au courant with market trends while following her sustainable motto “Why make something new when you can take existing clothing and materials and fashion them into haute couture styles?”



Pamela Peterson Fashion Collection

Pamela has a profound aptitude for tapping into many diverse places, styles and times. From the roaring ‘20s to the classic 1950s Marilyn to varsity pop or modern-day Parisian vogue, Pamela Peterson fashion creations take upcycled clothing to the next level.


Courtesy of the Sea Jewelry Collection

“Nature is amazing…it takes the remnants of the damage we’ve done and gives it back to us in extreme beauty.  In sea glass, I feel a universal connection and appreciation for the traces of history it presents.  Each piece holds its own light and story.”

Fashion Designer

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Personal Stylist

Revive your wardrobe without ever leaving home.

Pamela Peterson’s fashion designs can come directly to your home and turn even the most outdated armoire into a rejuvenated, modern trousseau.

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